Electromotors or electric motors are machines that transform electrical energy to mechanical work. They are the most common rotational machines that do the work by turning the rotator with development of torque.

Linear motors produce the force which causes acceleration and linear movement of the mass, machine or object which results in mechanical work. There are many types and execution of electromotors and they are the most used drive machines in nearly all fields of industry and traffic.

Exaples for usage in traffic are buldosers, diggers, train locomotives, cable cars and electric cars.

Astraprom is a produ distributor for Bonfiglioli electromotors. in our store you can get all kinds of motors from 0,06-37kW, monophase (1F), three phase (3F), with flange (B3,B5,B14) end with energy efficiency IE4, IE3, IE2, IE1.


Gearboxes are installed between electromotors and work part of the machine, so the speed of work tool, wheels or another device can be reduced to demanded working conditions.

Construction of the gearbox depends on reciprocally position of drive and driven shaft. If the shafts are in line , the transmission of movement is made with cilindrical gears with straight or narrow teeth. If the axes of the shafts are intertwined then the transmission of movement is made with conical gears. Worm gears are often used in all industry segments.

Astraprom is a proud distributor of Bonfiglioli gearboxes. We provide all types of worm gearboxes (VF30, VF44, VF49, W63, W75, W86, W110) teeth gearboxes type A, C, F and planetary gearboxes for stationary or mobile applications, gearboxes type TA, mechanical variators and frequency converters.